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Acai Berries

acai benefitsThe Acai berry is one of the healthiest berries you will ever discover. It is a native berry usually found in the Amazon forests. This fruit is rich in antioxidant and has been heralded for centuries as an immune-stimulating, healing, energy-boosting fruit.

An exotic relative of the cranberry and blueberry, the fruit is capable of supporting the prevention of infections connected with oxidative damage.

Improves Heart Health

Like red wine, Acai berries are very high in anthocyanins, an antioxidant that lowers the levels of cholesterol in the blood flow. They are rich in plant sterols which offer cardio-protective benefits to the cells of the human body by putting blood clots off and improving blood circulation.

Assists in Weight Loss

Recognized by nutritionists as a superfood, Acai may assist people not only to achieve weight loss considerably, but keep up a healthy weight. The pulp from the fruit minimizes the bad effects of a high-fat diet.

Consuming Acai may assist in keeping your digestive system fresh and in the best function. They contain influential detoxification abilities and are a renowned conventional resource of dietary fiber.

Promotes Beautiful and Radiant Skin

Presently, various modern beauty products are bearing Acai oil because of the high antioxidant content of the oil. The oil is an immense natural substitute for chemically derived skincare products that damage the skin in due course. Taken internally, the fruit oil can provide your skin a healthier glow, as well. The fruit oil has been consumed for centuries to treat skin disorders by people all over the world.

Rich in Antioxidants

Acai is extremely rich in Vitamin C and ellagic acid, an immune-system-increasing antioxidant that has been revealed to restrain the development of cancer. The polyphenolic compounds of the berry have the capability of reducing cancer cell proliferation by 86 percent. It is believed that phytochemcials of the fruit can discontinue the course of carcinogenesis on a molecular level, destroying tumor cells earlier than they grow.

The berry is very high in several forms of antioxidants. It helps to slow down the usual processes of aging associated with oxidative damage. One Acai berry holds two times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries and ten times the amount of antioxidants as grapes.

The anthocyanins in the berry play a vital role in the cellular protection system, assisting cells against the incursion of free radicals in the human body.

Increases Energy

Due to the overall health benefits of the berry, taking its extract boosts overall level of stamina and energy, and may assist to fight weariness and fatigue. Whenever you want a boost, just consume a handful of Acai berries and you will be prepared to go in no time.

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    You can try ‘grazing’ instead because this is when you can eat little amounts and you can without doubt control your reflux when it occurs. Sometimes the bouts of acid reflux were so severe, I would have to sleep sitting up in a chair or be awakened by the burning in my chest and throat.

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